What people who are mentally strong don't do

  1. They don’t waste the time of things they can’t control. They prefer to focus on things they can control in their lives. They recognize that sometimes the only thing they can really control is their attitude and responses to problems.

  2. They don’t give up after a first failure. Instead, they use these failures and see as opportunities to grow and improve. They are willing to keep trying again until they succeed.

  3. They are not afraid to spend time alone. They also can enjoy being with themselves, and they usually use these times for making productive stuff. They're never dependent on others.

  4. They don’t expect immediate results. They use their skills and time to give the best of themselves, and they know that a real change takes time.

  5. They are not afraid of change. They understand that change is inevitable and they believe in their capacity to adapt.

  6. They are not jealous of the other's success. They know the value of work and know that success only comes with hard work. Mentally strong people are able to appreciate and celebrate the success of others.

  7. They don't try to please everyone. Because the most important is not "how much" but « who".