Start the day like a boss !

Hello everyone – I’ve read a lot of articles about how our mornings impact our entire day. From this, I decided to change a bit my morning habits and to have a new state of mind about it, I wanted to see if it would make a big difference. So I took it seriously and I tried new kind of morning rituals.

My goal is always to feel good, being happy and being able to be productive for the upcoming day. I noted that what makes you happy is not only to have good times but also to have this “proudness feeling” at the end of the day. This makes all the difference.

I started in June to adopt these habits every morning – and I totally included them in my morning routine. I saw the difference after 2 weeks, I felt I had a better shape, with more energy and more motivation ! 


My Morning Routine


Everyday I wake up around 8am (as I’m working as a freelance – it varies every day according to the meetings I have), then I always drink a large glass of hot water – it is very good for blood circulation and promotes the health of the nervous system. After I always take a banana smoothie !! Which is the best thing ever. It gives me a lot of energy and just puts me in a good mood ! You really should give it a try. Also during Summer – I love mixing bananas with fresh orange juice or strawberries.

The second thing I do the morning is to check my program of the day & my TO DO list ! Then I always take a moment to check my social medias notifications / respond to messages & mails. Also – what I recently started to do – is to watch Instagram stories every morning !!!

In fact – since I took this habit to do it I noticed how much more motivated I felt ! I feel that we can all encourage and support each other by social networks – which is so powerful. We often talk about the negative side of social networks, but the fact people can now share everyday their life experience with the entire world is so enriching. I love being able to follow the people I admire through their day – I watch a lot of stories of entrepreneurs, businesswomen, bloggers and so on & seeing all these people being so dynamic, positive and full of projects gives me a crazy energy !

8:30 am – I take care of myself, I take a shower (music background) – I prefer organic products with fresh perfumes who last longer ! I don’t know about you, but personally it’s this kind of detail who contributes to make me feel good. (:

After all of this, I get ready and do my 10 minutes meditation ! I already told you about it an a previous post. I do 10 minutes everyday with the amazing app : Headspace. This helps me to focus and to feel better. Right after it, I took a moment to check again my notes (TO DO list, program…) and I visualize the course of the day. I think about all the small details, the road to take if I have a meeting for example and so on. I really believe of the power of visualization. It’s a good way to manage your life and achieve your goals – because you already project yourself in the right situation and you visualize yourself exactly where you want to be.

9:30 am I’m just done with my morning rituals ! Then depending of the day, I could go outside for a meeting, take a healthy breakfast (generally, cereals with dark chocolate), read news, or workout & stretching before to start the day !

You can see how these little habits are based on well-being and mood in general. I just think your own happiness is truly the starting point. You definitely can’t be productive if you’re tired and jaded. It took me some time before integrating all theses rituals in my morning routine. At first, it was true that it was an effort for me to do everything and I saw it as a constraint. But now that I feel so much better, it has become essential and I can not do without this little ritual each morning. I hope this will inspire you and help you make your morning a beneficial and enjoyable moment.