Chesery restaurant, Gstaad

I had the huge pleasure to have recently experienced the «Chesery» restaurant in Gstaad. A renowned place where tradition, simplicity and high cuisine are mixed with genius. Behind it, we have the great chef Robert Speth. He is born in Germany and has evolved alongside the top chefs of Europe. He currently manages different institutions in Gstaad, like the Golfclub Restaurant. But he tells us «Chesery restaurant will still be the main one.»

My experience there was amazing. A French cuisine inspired by the regional products. The place is cozy, decorated with taste and we feel directly at home. We can see all the involvement of the hosts who directly came greet all the clients because 90% of the customers base is actually regular! We appreciated this warm atmosphere, the high cuisine, and the discoveries. I took the menu and ate a light and refined entry then a generous poultry (one of the specialties of the restaurant) and I finished with the gratin with fruits and Tonka ice cream! What a pleasure! I liked how each dishes were perfectly well-balanced and suitable to the spirit of the mountain and of our desires. We leave the restaurant with a feeling of having lived a truly magical experience.

I want to thanks all the team for their kindness and amazing work. Obviously, a huge thank you to Robert Speth for this moment! I let you with this 3 questions/answers that I realized with the Chef. Enjoy!

Interview with Robert Speth

How would you describe the work of a Chef? - It’s all about the customers. Know your customers and learn to adapt to their tastes and desires.

In your opinion, what makes the difference in your cuisine? - For me, the quality of the products is essential. I take the most of possible from the region of Gstaad. Keep it simple, don’t mix too many flavors in one dish and work directly on the products. This can make the difference.

Which season is your favorite? - For wild berries, mushrooms and hunting in the area, I like summer!