About I Am Naomé
Business & Luxury lifestyle web-magazine

Based in Switzerland & Paris.

I Am Naomé's mission is to share, inspire and motivate ambitious people through luxury lifestyle and business-oriented creations.

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About the Founder

Born 11 May 1995 in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Naomé spent her entire childhood in a small village located near the Lake Geneva. Although she suffers from a rare genetic disease, her wheelchair doesn’t prevent her from discovering with curiosity the world around her.

« Dream & Dare. »

Passionate, creative and determined, Naomé is a young entrepreneur and speaker who dares to dream big. After various experiences in digital marketing, she co-founded NAgency a marketing agency focused on fashion and luxury brands. She is also the founder of By Naomé, a luxury fashion concept which provides its benefits to charities. Currently, Naomé - thanks to her constant motivation, combines her studies (Master in Luxury Marketing), her philanthropic commitment, and her entrepreneurial adventures with passion and total dedication. 

After more than 5 years managing the platform, she released in September 2019 the new I Am Naomé, with a more international vision.