Sunday Thoughts #TRUST

Recently, I had complicated relationships. Several people close to me lied to me, stole and disrespected. I do not want to go into detail – I just want to share with you this thought of Sunday night which (I hope) will help you.

I would just like to tell you that you are the one who decides. Everyone decides for himself. It is up to you to set your own rules and principles. Define a frame, set your values, and share those values around you. If one person does not respect your limits, if that person does not respect you – then she doesn’t have to stay in your life.
Either this person will question and will do everything to get into your frame, or she will leave because she doesn’t deserve you.

Making decisions is always complicated, we are often blinded by our emotions and judgments. But if you respect your principles, it becomes much easier to make choices. It’s up to you to chose how you want to be treated. Never change your values for someone. Never lose your principles for someone.


You believe lies so eventually learn to trust no one but yourself. – Marilyn Monroe