Sunday Thoughts #DARE

Beau-Rivage Palace, Lausanne

After this amazing seminar weekend with PassionZ, a cozy break with got chocolate is appreciated.

I’ve been so busy these past weeks with many different events (conferences, seminars and meetings). I’ve met passionate people, young entrepreneurs, established business owners, dreamers and … all these people all have something strong in common : THEY DARE! I spoke about it in my conference and in my Ebook (The Dream & Dare method), how essential is it to take actions. The reality is that most of the successful people aren’t the most intelligent ; they’re the ones who take the more actions !

Dream & DARE. I see so many people with great ideas, they have dreams, they have wishes and … They never take actions. Their life doesn’t change – because they don’t change. You have to do something new if you want a NEW life ! We have so many excuses, we have so many social barriers. Mindset is so important, so be positive, be strong, be confident, be different and be you ! Think everything is possible, visualize your success and DARE !

Here some advices to take massive actions !

  • I. Be specific about what you want, define a GOAL
  • II. Establish all the small tasks that which will allow you to achieve this goal
  • III. Prioritize your tasks & Put deadlines
  • IV. Schedule the tasks in your organizer
  • V. Create new beneficial habits

Also, take care of your energy. Your energy will help you to stay motivated and active ! Surround yourself with positive people, people who lift you higher. Don’t underestimate the power of your team, don’t underestimate the impact your family and friends can have. It’s time to go away from negativity, to go away from people who find excuses !

Also remember there’s always a moment you will doubt, you will feel sad, unmotivated or alone. All I can say is : remember at this specific moment WHY. Why you started, why you want it. We all have our « Why » and this will help you through all the difficulties to have the strength and the motivation to continue, to work harder and to persevere !


Dare to dream big