Hello everyone ! Hope you had a wonderful weekend !

Today I would like to tell you a bit more about my DETOX adventure that I will start tomorrow ! As you probably see on my social medias, I will start a 5-day detox cure with the swiss brand : Fit’n’tasty. I will drink 6 fruit and vegetable juices a day and eat only one meal at noon. The juices are cold pressed and the fruits and vegetables come from the local agriculture.

The whole thing will help you to eliminate the toxins, his elimination aims to help us regain health, energy and vitality, as well as to lose weight ! I’m so excited to live this experience, I always wanted to make a detox cure and just purify my body haha. More seriously, I really think we’re used to eat a bit too much sometimes and also don’t drink enough water, or natural juices. I will tell you day after day how I feel and what I think about the cure. It’s the first time I do a 5-day detox cure so I don’t have any real expectations and I don’t know who my body will react to this. But I will tell you my opinion 100% honestly and speak out about the whole experience. What I lived, what I loved, what I didn’t like etc.

Also – if you want to join me in this adventure and try it too, don’t forget to enjoy the special offer Fit’n’tasty makes on their website. They offer one more detox cure day for free ! Until August 31. HERE

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