Movie under the stars 

Hello everyone – I hope you’re doing well and also I hope you enjoy this amazing weather !! I really do love summertime, I love so much to be able to just stay outside whatever the time of the day ! Just to hangout and enjoy the moment ! I also love summer activities, as festivals, late evenings on terraces, outdoor sport… and more recently Openair cinemas !But actually – I grew up in a small village and another village next to mine organized Openair cinemas every summer ! So I just went there as a kid and absolutely loved it.
At home, I never take time to watch a movie (it’s just hard to me to stop everything and watch a movie during hours… haha) but I actually love the Openair concept. I feel like it’s definitely different and it brings another dimension to the thing. I love the fact being outside under the stars and watching a movie on that big screen – it’s a really unique atmosphere. It’s just so cool and it’s the perfect summer activity.
When I moved to Lausanne, I really wanted to live this again ! Then I’m so happy that they did it here !! Allianz cinema just came this summer in Lausanne and I was impressed how they did the whole thing really well.

It’s in the city center (Montbenon park) – the environment is just awesome. You have the view on the lake and the parc is really beautiful. I love how they organized it – you have food trucks next the entrance, with tables & chairs and after you have the big screen with the bleachers in front of. The very cool thing they made was also to put big beanbags in front of the screen so that people can lie on !

Second very cool fact : the prize ticket included a Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream (heaven). So yes I appreciated a lot all these little details who made my evening there awesome. I was there two times and I already planned to come back one more time ahah – for the last night ! I sincerely hope they will come back next year and with also a program as good as this year.
Thank you TP Pub for the invitation – My friends and I had an amazing time !


– Allianz cinema Lausanne (until July 21, 2017)

– TP Pub