Montreux Jazz Festival | Experience 

Montreux Jazz vibes

The 5th of July, a dream came true. My favorite music festival, the great Montreux Jazz Festival made me the greatest honor : to invite me to live an immersion evening experience with them.
I was just so excited to come ! First of all, every single year I’m just waiting on the program and then on the festival. I love this festival because it has a lot of dimensions – the program is always very eclectic and so exciting. There’s a great mix of diversity with the artists who are there – they have real legends of music and also new and young talents.

Hanane and I were definitely ready and so excited to come live this new experience in Montreux. This night, Usher and the Roots were the highlights of the night – so I definitely can’t ask better.
We arrived there end of the afternoon, chilling out on the lakeside. The atmosphere is amazing there – with the music on, the incredible view on mountains around and all the people. There’s a kind of energy like nowhere else. The festival is etablished in many different places : concert halls, bars, boats and trains and so the city lives through this dynamism during the whole festival time.

So we’ve been at the majestic Stravinski Auditorium for the concert – and it was just wow. The concert was so so epic ! Just I didn’t realized how talented Usher was before to see him live ! He’s just vocally insanely good ! He dances, he made the show with all the band and everything was just fresh, revisited and with this « soul music » spirit. I just highly recommend you to see him if you have the occasion to – because it’s magical and he’s a real artist who does a veritable show.
After this great moment, we just moved at the next part of the night : the Downtown Boogie night !! If you don’t know it – this is the Hip Hop program of reference in Switzerland presents on the Couleur3 radio. This program is also a party who is very famous in Lausanne and was etablished in D! Club for years. So again – I was really really excited to go – I know how good this event is. So we went there and the party was amazing ! Just the good hip hop music, cool people, powerful energy and we’ve ended this night perfectly.

I would like to say THANK YOU to all the Montreux Jazz organization. I would like to also thanks the amazing staff who accompanied us. I actually have nothing negative to say about this night because everything was perfectly organized. Also they were very attentive about the accessibility for the wheelchair and how to help me in the best way and to make all of this possible and easy – I appreciated a lot.

I’ve beautiful memories. 

Montreux Jazz LAB, Downtown Boogie
Montreux Jazz LAB, Downtown Boogie