Hello everyone ! I’m so motivated today, first because woke up in such a good & positive mood and second because we’re the 11th day of the month – yes it makes me happy. (11 is my fav. lucky number, you know) – happiness of everyday life.

I wanted to talk to you about something I’ve been very interested in these past weeks : the law of attraction. I read a lot about it and I also watched the famous movie “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. It reminds me life principles I always believed in – all united in a single theory. I thought that was amazing and very interesting to see all these “laws” explained and told by different people – it inspired me a lot and this reinforced my believes of this mindset : “positive mind = positive life”.

So I also recommend you to explore a bit the subject if you’re interested in, there’s lot to learn. After, make you own opinion by experiencing it for example. It’s actually something you really have to work on and to clarify if you want results. Personally when I discovered all the points of this law, I really looked back about my life and I realized something amazing : the greatest successes of my life were all the result of one method : the law of attraction. Every times I have realized goals I dreamed of, it was the result of this long process – that I did consciously or not.

Now that I understand better the law of attraction, I really take control of my thoughts and try being 100% conscious of it. It’s a real work of a lifetime and you always will improve it. But trust me – it works and it will work for you too. Because you attract what you think. That’s just a time question. So here is the five essential points :

I. Think positive

Being conscious about the power you have : you are the master of your life. You decide. Having this attitude and think positive will have a real impact.

II. Ask

You have to be very clear, what do you really want ? Write it down. Ask for it.

III. Believe

This is so important and personally what have made the difference for me. I succeeded when I had this real vision and I deeply believed in it. But actually it’s not only about “believing”, you have to feel it ! Feel that you already have it, enjoy this feeling. Believe, visualize and feel it.

IV. Act

Sometimes we talk a lot but there’s no that much actions, guess what ? It can’t work. You have understood the theory and have the intentions – well, that’s 80% of the work done. But there’s still that final touch who will make you go to the last step : the concretization. Take real actions.

V. Express gratitude

Everyday I think about 3 things I’m grateful for and I express it. When you’re grateful, you will have more reasons to be grateful for.