Credit picture : @iamnaome

Hi everyone ! Two weeks ago, I started meditation for the first time !! Actually, it’s been a while that I was intrigued by it. Some of my family members and some friends told me so much positive thoughts about the fact to meditate regularly and how that changed their lives. When they explained me, it sounded a bit confused for me because I heard it was a lot about the breath but I didn’t really understood how you can be in that « transe ». For me that felt kind of unreal.

But currently I’m reading a lot of posts / articles about self development, entrepreneurship and productivity and meditation was mentioned again and again. So this brings me back to the idea of trying it. Like I didn’t want going to a « meditation class », really this feels so weird to me. I prefer to stay at home peacefully, so I decided to look if introduction about meditation existed online. And lucky me, I discovered the amazing « Headspace » app ! Seriously guys, this is genius. I mean, I’m already addicted. You just have to download it (the app is free) and begin the first 10 minutes session. The guy gives you some exercices to do and just helps you to relax. He also has the most hypnotic voice I’ve never heard !!! After having my meditation session, I really feel so relaxed and full of energy, at the same time. So obviously, I recommend you this app at 100%. Just give it a try and tell me what you really think.

I personally recommend to do one session every morning, it really brings your attention and motivation back. It gives you positive energy to begin the day, . Also I meditate before my e-hockey trainings (it helps me to focus) and sometimes at the end of the day to relax. But don’t hesitate to make this new experience and you will see what fits you best.