Keep the motivation #SundayMood

Credit Photo : Anthony Tache

I guess everything in life isn’t “forever”, you have to fight and work hard to reach your goals and make your dreams a reality. But what people forget most of the time is : the hardest is not to have it, it’s to keep it.

As for a relationship, it takes time, efforts and everyday attention. I want to talk you about motivation because for me it’s where everything begins. You have this “empowerment”, this wish, this goal you think about every time and for which you get motivated. Truth ? This first state of enthusiasm is, I guess, the most important and beautiful thing you’ve got. That’s also what scares me most, loosing my determination & my excitement would mean to loose this positive mindset.

“Success is to going from failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm.”

I can tell you, this year was a difficult one for me. I passed though accidents, health difficulties and disappointments over disappointments. People I loved and for whom I had respect have dropped me. For the first time, all these negative events had a real impact on my everyday mood & attitude. It was like my own character had changed, I laughed less, worried more and stopped being excited about new people I met. I became constantly wary. Even when something great happened I didn’t want to tell it because I was scared a shit would happens (again).

Fortunately, everything has improved. I also think time helps, you have to take time for yourself and find a balance. And even if I will surely experience difficult trials again, I try never to forget who I really am. I am a positive, determined and strong girl. I love life, I love to laugh and I want to enjoy every moment.

If I tell you all this it’s because I want you to keep motivation, regardless of the circumstances ! I mean, it’s ok to be not ok sometimes – but never forget this light you have inside. Show it. Speak out about your projects, your dreams, your passions. Don’t be ashamed of your failures, they prove your intelligence, they prove you’re someone who tries, who dares and who challenges itself. Success doesn’t come from anything else but failure over failure. Stay excited, stay passioned ! It’s your life, it’s your dream and it doesn’t matter what people think.

At the end, I can tell you there’s nothing who deserves more admiration and respect than someone who fights with the smile (: