Credit : @joshkjack

Although Mandarin is now the language spoken by a biggest quantity of people, English is still the most influential. Whatever is your project, if you want to export your products or ideas. You will have to collaborate. Collaborate with foreign partners, and again – it is English who reigns. If English is not your native language, it is important to master it to perfection. This will broaden your horizon. Personally I started my learning English at school and I immediately realized that I will need it for the rest of my life. As you know, I am currently in Miami. I spend one month here to practice my English and I study at school during the week. So believe me, if you have the opportunity to travel, go abroad for some time, talk to as many people as possible. Simply: practice your English. This is definitely the most effective way to learn. If you can, go one year! You will come back with perfect English. Another idea is to find an activity that will make you practice your English. I started this site and I had to do it in English, I didn’t want to limit myself. I always wanted to have an impact on the world and reach as many people as possible. This site makes me write and practice everyday.

You can combine your passion for learning English too! We also have the chance to be in the digital age, it is very easy to learn on the internet. Many websites offer a serious coaching or courses online. Whatever if you learn by books, digital or at languages schools. There are a lot of inexpensive and effective solutions. With motivation and a regular work, you will succeed! Always eager to learn! I hope you will find the way that suits you best and that this little article will therefore help you!