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No proof is required: everybody knows that life belongs to early risers. Get up early allows you to give yourself a good start to the day and to be more productive. Many powerful CEO set their alarm clock at 6 AM. Anna Wintour starts her day by playing tennis at 5.45 AM according to the Guardian Magazine. According to some expert, get up early would even make us happier.

But everyone isn’t an early riser. If, like me, get up is a real ordeal, follow these tips. They may help you to get up early, and thus to be more productive.

  1. Sleep in complete darkness. The melatonin is produced in the dark.
  2. Plan your next day, write down your appointments, important things to do. You will be excited to get up early and do it.
  3. Plan a super breakfast. Planning your mornings with an exciting breakfast will help you to see this moment of the day as an enjoyable moment.
  4. Drink water before going to sleep. It will help you to relax and it’s also good for health.
  5. Turn off your phone
  6. Put the alarm away from you. You shouldn’t be able to hit the button when it rings.
  7. Go to bed right on time. Listen to your body, how much sleep do you need?  Get up early shouldn’t reduce your amount of sleep. Go to bed early will allow you to have a good night’s sleep.

So I hope these seven magical tips will help you! Let me know the results and what do you think about it with a comment. I would be happy to read it!