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All reasons you have to practice a sport, and especially a sport team!

Because, everybody knows that sport is good for us. There are many benefits of playing sport; not only it releases stress, it channels negative energies, and it improves the sleep, but practicing sport also allows you to improve your performances at work. The employers like the candidates who practice a sport, and especially a team sport. Team sports convey strong values which will help you every day at work: surpassing oneself, self-respect and respect for the others, solidarity, team spirit and readiness for effort. Like at work, the practice of a team sport requires collaboration. Learn to manage difficult situations, and improve results together. In a team, it is necessary to learn to impose one’s ideas without excluding others’ ideas.

Give your best, and accept that we cannot manage everything alone. Learn to form a team, and to manage the common energy in order to get the best performance from each and every team member. Whether it is with your customers, collaborators, partners, bosses or colleagues, you will always have to collaborate. No matter the job you have. Then now, to all people who do not yet practise a team sport: go and join a team of your city or region. Besides knowing people of your region and taking care of your body and your spirit, you will improve considerably your performance at work.