I definitely can’t hide the fact there was a time where I was so terrified to speak in public. Even during studying, it was always such a huge challenge for me to present my presentation in front of the class. With time, I took a bit more confidence every each year. I began to change my state of minds and to breathe. It was not all ok but my mental helped to passed the test. But, you also can use real technics and tips. It exists so much ways to work your speeches and presentations for making them on point. A hard worked presentation and a process methodically realized is the key of successful and inspiring speeches. Here some advices I can share with you that I personally use for being an efficient public speaker. But like always, never forget that regularity and practice are necessary.

  1. Who is your public? Men, women, potential customers? What is the message that you want to convey? Also, know the time you have and schedule time for questions.
  2. Build your intervention. Write your ideas and begin to structure them. First, make your introduction. Second, give your message. Thirdly, make a powerful conclusion. Begin your introduction with an anecdote for example. It will help your public to know you better directly in a simple and fun way. Obviously, put the presentation of the speech you will give. Speak briefly of your project, company or idea you convey today. Never forget the message who is yours. The +, give testimony.
  3. The essence of the speech. Your content will be more powerful and intense if you structure it in 3 parts. Also, people will remember it easier. Short sentences give more impact too. An other tip is to ask questions and to answer it. For example: «And why do I decide to begin in the industry? Because I share values of… »
  4. Attitude and elocution. What an important point. It’s how you look, what you show, what you don’t show and also the confidence and motivation you convey. Share your positive energy and enthusiasm. Work on your breathing and speak slowly but loud. Don’t hesitate to make small breaks so people can integrate the speech. Practice out loud and present it in front of your family or friends. Use their remarks to make it better.

Here what I learned and use every time I have to be a public speaker. Hope it’s gonna help you like it helped me. Don’t forget that passion and authenticity never lie, don’t be afraid to show them. Your public will feel and understand your message better! Thanks for reading and see you soon for new contents about Motivation & Lifestyle. xxx