Credit : @Pinterest

We are back with a new little «Tips and Tricks article» for the business oriented category! Majority of people testify they struggle to focus. And because the people who are dynamic, ambitious and business oriented constantly need to focus on their goals and on the hard work. Little list of 7 advices you can apply for working more efficiently!

  1. Make a list. Take a paper sheet and write the tasks you want to accomplish on your work time. Take it as a rough draft. Make it short and make it fast. Let it bad.
  2. Start working. Don’t question yourself and don’t stop during the first 30 minutes.
  3. Time yourself and see how much you can do in 30 minutes.
  4. Keep food and fresh water on your desk. Glucose help your brain focus.
  5. Listen to music. Have a motivating playlist, you also can find one on different platforms for example, some are created especially for helping people to focus.
  6. Switch off everything around you that you’re not really using. And yes, your phone too.
  7. Frame a picture of your goals. Watch it every mornings. And reward yourself after the effort and this productive working session!