1. A perfect presentation. Answer these two small questions succinctly. Who are you? What do you want? You should be able to introduce yourself with few words. This presentation will always be useful for you. Don’t forget to prepare your business cards. You should always have something to present in all circumstances!
  2. Use professional platforms. Your profile is clear now; you can register in Viadeo or Linkedln. A quick web research will allow you to find many more platforms.
  3. We rarely start from scratch. Tell your friends and family about your project, tell them what you do and what you are looking for. Keep in touch with your old friends, your former teacher or your coach. Maybe someone in your relations will know THE person.
  4. Contact other professionals. Do not hesitate to contact people with whom you want to collaborate, or simply have a drink while talking business. Dare to contact people personally. Talk about your project or your business with passion; put your heart and your soul into it. The person should want to meet you after having read your message.
  5. Have an active social life. Every trip, excursion, dinner or party is an opportunity to promote your project and your ambitions.
  6. Take part in events. For example, many events are organised for businessmen. Do some research on the web and find an event that interests you in your area. Don’t underestimate the importance of a conference or a networking can have on your professional life. It will also be the occasion to learn and to get inspired from people who have a different professional path.
  7. Maintain your professional network. Follow your contacts’ evolution in order to know their current situation. Do not hesitate to give news from time to time, for example at the beginning of New Year. It’s a good way to keep in touch or to renew contact.

All these steps take time and require commitment. But believe me, it’s worth the trouble. We cannot succeed alone. We have to surround with, if possible, the best people.