Credit : Anthony Tache

We all need a place where we feel completely good. A peaceful and magical environment where we just feel free, but at the same time, protected.

Before knowing this place, it was my room, like maybe for the most of you. But now everything has changed, I discovered the magic here, the inspiration and the serenity. This place is amazing, this is my first inspiration. It represents everything I love: Art, beauty, nature and history. It has an amazing view on the lake and mountains. It’s sumptuous and goes down to the lake, crosses the Olympic museum and other wonders. It’s just a very gorgeous walk in the city. It’s a photography museum very active and ambitious. A lot of important collections were there and made its reputation and prestige. I love photography and have a lot of projects in this purview too! It’s always so interesting and inspiring to go there and discover artists who have their own vision of the world and of the life.

I love seeing and reading about people who did or are still doing something different in this world. People who changed something and who are the leaders in their art. It’s always good to just sit here, free one’s mind and chill here. Just take a breath and be inspired by the magic of the place. I think we all should have a place where we can be free and  breathe. When we were kids, we all had a kind of sanctuary. A secret location where we could play and be ourselves. Unfortunately, we forget this when we grow up. It’s a pity because we need it. Always and still now. It’s important to feel free and good in a place, it’s important to have your own sanctuary and to can release all your emotions of the day.

I wanted to talk you about this place because it means so much for me. It’s my favorite place worldwide and it’s my sanctuary. It’s also here that I had the idea for the logo of the blog. And you what is your sanctuary? Do you have one?

Photo crédit : Anthony Tache